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Live web-television stations and radio stations broadcasting on the Internet

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  • Hot Adult Contemporary Radio Stations

    Last checked and updated: 14.01.2019 - 10:00:37

    Radio station Country Location Listen Live
    Bumerang FM Bulgaria Gabrovo, Bulgaria Listen Live Bumerang FM MP3-mpeg 160 kbps
    Expres Radio Czech Republic Prague Listen Live Expres Radio aacPlus
    32, 64, 128 kbps
    64, 128 kbps
    Kiss 98FM Czech Republic Prague aacPlus
    32, 128 kbps
    64, 128 kbps
    Kiss Delta Czech Republic Mladá Boleslav aacPlus
    32 kbps
    64, 128, 192 kbps
    Radio 100FM Denmark Copenhagen OFFLINE
    Raadio Uuno Estonia Tallinn OFFLINE
    Star FM Estonia Tallinn OFFLINE
    Delta FM Boulogne 100.7 France Boulogne Listen Live Delta FM Boulogne 100.7 aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128 kbps
    Delta FM Dunkerque 100.7 France Dunkerque Listen Live Delta FM Dunkerque 100.7 aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128 kbps
    Delta FM Saint Omer 98.8 France Saint Omer Listen Live Delta FM Saint Omer 98.8 aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128 kbps
    Star FM Georgia Tbilisi OFFLINE
    104.6 RTL Germany Berlin OFFLINE
    Antenne AC Germany Würselen OFFLINE
    Antenne Bayern Germany Munich Listen Live Antenne Bayern aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128 kbps
    Antenne MV Germany Plate Listen Live Antenne MV aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128, 192 kbps
    Antenne Niederrhein Germany Kleve OFFLINE
    Antenne Unna Germany Unna Listen Live Antenne Unna MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Charivari 95.5 Germany Munich Listen Live Charivari 95.5 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Hellweg Radio Germany Soest OFFLINE
    Hit-Radio ANTENNE 1 Germany Stuttgart OFFLINE
    Hitradio RT1 Nordschwaben Germany Donauwoerth OFFLINE
    Hitradio RT1 Germany Augsburg OFFLINE
    R.SH Holstein Kiel Germany Kiel aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128, 192 kbps
    R.SH Top 50 – Charts (Nordparade) Germany Kiel Listen Live R.SH Top 50 – Charts (Nordparade) aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128, 192 kbps
    R.SH Germany Kiel Listen Live R.SH aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128, 192 kbps
    Radio 7 Germany Ulm MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Radio 90,1 Germany Mönchengladbach OFFLINE
    Radio 91.2 Germany Dortmund Listen Live Radio 91.2 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Radio Berg Germany Kürten OFFLINE
    Radio Bielefeld Germany Bielefeld OFFLINE
    Radio Chemnitz 102.1 Germany Chemnitz OFFLINE
    Radio Dresden 103.5 Germany Dresden OFFLINE
    Radio Duisburg Germany Duisburg OFFLINE
    Radio Emscher Lippe Germany Gelsenkirchen OFFLINE
    Radio Ennepe Ruhr Germany Hagen OFFLINE
    Radio Erft Germany Hürth OFFLINE
    Radio Erzgebirge Germany Annaberg Buchholz OFFLINE
    Radio Essen Germany Essen OFFLINE
    Radio Euskirchen Germany Euskirchen OFFLINE
    Radio ffn Germany Hannover MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Radio Hagen Germany Hagen OFFLINE
    Radio Hamburg Germany Hamburg Listen Live Radio Hamburg aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128 kbps
    Radio Herford Germany Herford OFFLINE
    Radio Herne90acht Germany Herne OFFLINE
    Radio Hochstift Germany Paderborn OFFLINE
    Radio K.W. Germany Rheinberg OFFLINE
    Radio Kiepenkerl Germany Dülmen OFFLINE
    Radio Lausitz 107.6 Germany Görlitz Listen Live Radio Lausitz 107.6 aacPlus
    48 kbps
    128 kbps
    Radio Leipzig 91.3 Germany Leipzig Listen Live Radio Leipzig 91.3 aacPlus
    48 kbps
    128 kbps
    Radio Leverkusen Germany Leverkusen OFFLINE
    Radio Lippe Germany Detmold OFFLINE
    Radio Lippewelle Hamm Germany Hamm OFFLINE
    Radio Neandertal Germany Mettmann OFFLINE
    Radio Oberhausen Germany Oberhausen OFFLINE
    Radio Regenbogen Germany Mannheim OFFLINE
    Radio RSG Germany Solingen OFFLINE
    Radio RST Germany Rheine OFFLINE
    Radio Rur Germany Düren OFFLINE
    Radio Sauerland Germany Meschede OFFLINE
    Radio Siegen Germany Siegen OFFLINE
    Radio Vest Germany Recklinghausen OFFLINE
    Radio WAF Germany Warendorf OFFLINE
    Radio Westfalica Germany Minden OFFLINE
    Radio WMV Germany Borken OFFLINE
    Radio Wuppertal Germany Wuppertal OFFLINE
    Radio Zwickau 96.2 Germany Zwickau Listen Live Radio Zwickau 96.2 aacPlus
    48 kbps
    128 kbps
    Welle Niederrhein Germany Krefeld OFFLINE
    98FM Ireland Dublin Listen Live 98FM MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Die Antenne Italy Lana (Südtirol) OFFLINE
    R101 Italy Milan OFFLINE
    RMC 1 Radio Monte Carlo Italy Milan OFFLINE
    Stereo Citta Italy Padua aacPlus 48 kbps
    Radio SWH Latvia Riga Listen Live Radio SWH MP3-mpeg 192 kbps
    Radio SWH+ Latvia Riga Listen Live Radio SWH+ MP3-mpeg 192 kbps
    Star FM Latvia Riga Flash 96 kbps
    National FM Moldova Chisinau OFFLINE
    Keizerstad FM Netherlands Nijmegen Listen Live Keizerstad FM MP3-mpeg 192 kbps
    Q-music Netherlands Hilversum Listen Live Q-music aacPlus
    64 kbps
    96 kbps
    Radio 8FM Netherlands Roosendaal OFFLINE
    Blue FM Poland Poznan Listen Live Blue FM aacPlus
    OGG Vorbis
    32 kbps
    128 kbps
    128 kbps
    Radio ZET Poland Warsaw OFFLINE
    Radio Comercial Portugal Lisbon OFFLINE
    Radio Karnaval Russia Moscow Listen Live Radio Karnaval MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Radio Expres Slovakia Bratislava aacPlus
    20, 48 kbps
    64, 96 kbps
    Radio 1 Obala Slovenia Koper Listen Live Radio 1 Obala MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Radio 1 Primorska Slovenia Sežana Listen Live Radio 1 Primorska MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Radio 1 Slovenia Brezovica Listen Live Radio 1 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps
    Rix FM Sweden Stockholm OFFLINE
    Radio Pilatus Switzerland Deutsche Schweiz, Lucerne OFFLINE
    Radyo ODTU Turkey Ankara OFFLINE
    Radio Trek Ukraine Rivne OFFLINE
    Absolute Radio United Kingdom London aacPlus
    OGG Vorbis
    24, 64 kbps
    32, 128 kbps
    32, 160 kbps
    Last checked and updated: 14.01.2019 - 10:00:37 ;

    Stream types:
    Windows Media  requires Windows Media Player
    Real audio  requires Real Player/Real One
    MP3  requires a streaming MP3 player such as Winamp
    Ogg Vorbis  requires an Ogg Vorbis compatible player such as Winamp 2.8
    Flash Player  requires Macromedia Flash Player
    aacPlus  requires Winamp 5.08+

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    X  Not all the streams are up

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