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  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Radio Stations

    Related Link: Bosnia-Herzegovina TV Station
    Last checked and updated: 03.11.2018 - 00:09:16

    Radio station Location Listen Live Format/Comments
    Antena Sarajevo Sarajevo OFFLINE Top 40
    BH Radio 1 Sarajevo OFFLINE News/Information
    Big Radio 1 Banja Luka OFFLINE Pop/rock
    Big Radio 2 Banja Luka OFFLINE News/music
    Big Radio 3 Banja Luka OFFLINE Top 40
    BM Radio Zenica OFFLINE Local music/information
    Bobar Radio Bijeljina Listen Live Bobar Radio MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Music/information
    Hit Radio BrĨko OFFLINE Pop/Rock/Folk
    Kalman Radio Sarajevo aacPlus 64 kbps Folk
    Nes Castra Banja Luka OFFLINE Alternative/Urban culture
    Nes Radio Banja Luka OFFLINE Music/Information
    Novi Radio Bihać OFFLINE Local service
    Radio 8 Sarajevo OFFLINE Pop/Rock/Local music
    Radio BA Sarajevo OFFLINE Bosnian Music
    Radio Bihać Bihać OFFLINE Local service
    Radio BN Bijeljina Listen Live Radio BN MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Folk music
    Radio Brcko Distrikt Brcko Listen Live Radio Brcko Distrikt MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Information/music
    Radio Busovača Busovača Listen Live Radio Busovača MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Pop/Rock/Folk
    Radio Feral Kalesija OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Kakanj Kakanj OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Ključ Ključ OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Livno Livno aacPlus 48 kbps Local service
    Radio M Sarajevo Listen Live Radio M MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Pop/rock
    Radio Marija Sarajevo OFFLINE Catholic
    Radio Q Visoko OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Sarajevo Sarajevo Listen Live Radio Sarajevo MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Music/information
    Radio Slon Tuzla OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Stari Grad Sarajevo Listen Live Radio Stari Grad MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Full service
    Radio Tomislavgrad Tomislavgrad OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Vitez Vitez aacPlus 48 kbps Top 40
    Radiopostaja Mir Medugorje Medugorje Listen Live Radiopostaja Mir Medugorje MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Christian
    Studentski eFM Radio Sarajevo OFFLINE Student radio
    Related Link: Bosnia-Herzegovina TV Station
    Last checked and updated: 03.11.2018 - 00:09:16

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